Friday, October 27, 2006


is next to Godliness...or so they say. If so, my son is well on his way to being seriously holy. :) I've never seen such a child for needing to be clean! If something spills during dinner, even if it lands on his bib, he responds with "uh oh!" immediately. Today during dinner he needed to wipe his hands with a napkin multiple times - even though he only had a few crumbs of cornbread on them. Earlier this afternoon I let him lick the spoon after making the cornbread. He thoroughly enjoyed it, but I had to wipe his hands off with the washcloth at least five times. After that I gave up and handed him the washcloth to do it himself, and he happily washed his own face and hands between nearly every lick!

Gabe hopes that we can put this little compulsion to work for us when Jonathan is ready to potty train. :)

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