Thursday, August 31, 2006

While I'm writing about pregnancy...

I can feel the baby now! :)

And just in case you ever wondered, forgetting to eat and doing strenuous lifting, vacuuming, etc. all morning is a really bad idea. I had a lovely time in Sam's club today nearly fainting. Gabe had to walk down to come pick me up because I was too dizzy to walk well, much less drive. That was a pretty scary experience. I think it was sheer determination that kept me from actually fainting - my vision blacked out and my hearing got all fuzzy, and all I could think was "don't faint, what will happen to Jonathan??" So I didn't, but gee, that was pretty close. Thankfully the people at Sam's club were really wonderful (and thankfully I had been at the photo kiosks, so there were lots of people around to ask for help.) They sat me down in a chair, brought me a phone and water and a baked pretzel and were generally kind and caring. I was quite impressed with their response. Yay Sam's! Everyone should shop there now. :)

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Dy said...

Oh, sweetie, {{hugs}} Maybe stick a granola bar and an unopened juice bottle in your diaper bag for those little emergencies. It'll come in handy more than once between now and then. {{hugs}} I'm glad you are okay.