Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, we did it. I actually wrote the check for the down payment on Sue's midwifery services for this baby. Today was my first "official" appointment - the one where she asks all her questions and I ask all mine and we make sure that we feel comfortable doing this together. We waited awhile to do this, because we were still thinking about possible doctors, possible dual care, possible lots of things - and then when we finally decided to go ahead with this appointment, another client went into labor. :) But today was good, and I feel peaceful and happy and confident that we are making the right decision. It is a good feeling.

Sue is so completely and utterly unlike me. She is scatterbrained (and I mean, really scattered). If you need something and she says she'll call you back, just plan to call her again later in the day. She won't remember to call you. On the other hand, she will tell you this straight up, laugh a bit, and add the admonition "if you're in labor and you call and I tell you I'm with a client and will call you back, just say 'Sue, I'm in labor!' and that will definitely get my attention!"

She loves to talk to people. Her entire day, all day, is made up of talking with people, and she just enjoys it. In a doctor's office you have to have all your questions ready to spit out in under five minutes. Sue will give you an hour or more, (this initial visit was two!) and she never looks at her watch. She radiates confidence and calm and kindness and humor, and that doesn't even begin to describe it. She is just the exact sort of person who you would want helping you in labor. I'm so glad she'll be there during mine.

There is just one major thing (at this point) which could change our plans, and that is the result of an ultrasound that I'll be having in a few weeks. We need to make sure that the placenta has implanted high enough in the uterus. If it implants over the c-section scar, then we'll be dealing with placenta accreta. If it implants over the uterus opening, that is placenta previa. Both would mean a planned c-section. So if you think of it, could you please pray (without ceasing!) that the ultrasound will show a placenta nicely high and out of the way? Thanks!


Amber said...

How exciting!! Sue sounds wonderful, and a lot like my midwife :-)

I had always wondered what would happen if the placenta implanted over the cesarean scar. I wonder what the odds are of that happening, and if having the scar there makes the placenta more or less likely to implant there. I wonder if anyone has done any studies on that...

Anyways, I'll definitely be keeping you in my prayers. And in reference to your next post - yikes! I'm glad it worked out as well as it did, but that sure sounds scary!

kelly t said...

So are you planning a homebirth, then, Emily or will it be in a birthing center? What is Sue's last name, by the way? I had a Susan Scott Gill attend Lucy's birth withy my midwife. She was great.

I absolutely adore midwifery care. I'm so happy for you and will definitely pray that the placenta issues get worked out.

Emily said...

There is some evidence that seems to indicate that placentas are more likely to implant over scar tissue, but no one knows why. I don't think it is a LOT more likely, just a little - lots of women don't have any trouble. So hopefully I'll be one of them. :)

Yes, Sue's last name is Gill. I'm glad you think she's great! :) Was Lucy born down here? How did you end up with Sue assisting? Who was your primary midwife?

Emily said...

Oh, and Kelly,
Yes, we're planning a home birth. We thought about doing it at the birth center, but it seemed a little pointless. I think I'll be more comfortable at home, anyway.

kelly t said...

Lori Luyten was my main midwife and she used to work with Sue and Karen before she branched out on her own (she got hired to help run a new birthing center in Chino Hills). She was great (and a Christian!). Anyhow, when the 3 were together, two of them would always show up at a birth and Sue happened to be the midwife who joined mine. She was wonderful. Seriously, she was a great encouragment in the 38th hour of my marathon 42 hour labor with Lucy. She has a great sense of humor too!

And I gave birth to both my kids in So. Ca. I loved the midwives so much that I traveled down for Mary!

I'm so glad you're going to try to have a homebirth, Emily. It is a wonderful experience. There is absolutely nothing more refreshing than getting into your own bed with your new baby right after labor.

Dy said...

Oh YAY! Talk with her, also, about the placenta moving up/away from the area as you grow/stretch.

How exciting! I am so happy for you all!