Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blood and guts

Well, actually just blood. But there has been plenty of it around this house lately! Yesterday Jonathan slipped while crawling up some stairs and hit his chin. Gabe carried him back to the house screaming and bleeding all over everything. I'm really not quite sure what caused all the bleeding, since once we got him cleaned up it was actually a very tiny wound on his chin. We think maybe something in his mouth was hurt, too, but by the time we could try to look it seemed to have stopped bleeding. Anyway, it is very hard to look in a screaming, squirming toddler's mouth when he doesn't want you to. It took him quite awhile to calm down, and we ended up putting on a Baby Einstein dvd to distract him. That dvd works miracles with sad toddlers!

Then today, somehow Jonathan tripped as he headed out our front door to play, and instead of catching himself with his hands, he caught himself with his face on the metal watering can. Serious ouch. There is a cut over his right eye and an incredible bruise over the bridge of his nose. The poor little guy cried and cried and cried. And his poor mother rather felt like looking around and calling "Mommy?!?!" for someone to come fix this situation! Only I'm the mommy now, so I had to fix it, and I couldn't really. Nothing quite brings that fact home like a hurt and inconsolable child.

So we watched Baby Einstein again, while I tried to hold ice to his very swollen and bleeding cut and he tried to avoid it at all costs. I think between hitting his head and cutting new teeth, he must have had quite a headache this afternoon, because he just never recovered. I even got out the sling again because he just needed to be held all the time. It was tiring, but in a way it was nice because he very rarely needs me to cuddle him like that anymore, and I've missed it.

My goal for tomorrow: no blood. :)


Libby said...

Sounds like he's taking after his uncle Phillip!

Gabe's Dad said...

awwww!!! poor kid! did u succeed in no blood today? :)