Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday I took Jonathan to the library, and for the first time we headed over to the children’s corner to pick out some books just for him. Usually library trips have been more of a “grab and go” experience, but I thought he might be old enough to enjoy looking around this time – and boy did he! He loved the little chairs, just his size. He loved taking books off the shelf, and to my surprise he did not simply try to unload all the shelves at once. He would choose a book, carry it over to a chair, settle himself, grin happily, and spend a few minutes looking at the book. Then it was off to choose another one. It was so much fun for me to watch! I picked out about 10 books for him (a couple were of his choice) to take home, and he sat on the counter and watched with interest while we checked them out. Then he looked at one on the car ride home. And this morning we sat down on the couch with juice and coffee and books galore, and he actually sat reasonably still and listened and looked at the pictures while I read “Petunia” to him. Have you all read Petunia? It is a very good book and you should do so.

It is so fun to see him growing up like this! My son likes going to the library! :)

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