Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prayer request:

I’m pretty tired. I’m officially in the second trimester, and I think I’m feeling a little bit better, but I’m just tired. And the “yuck everything I can think of to eat sounds awful” problem, while diminished, is definitely not gone. So that is hard.

But I have a toddler who needs me. Right now, evidently, he needs me desperately, all the time. And I also have a job at church that needs more time than I can give it, and which I feel like I’m not doing very well right now. It is likely that this is just my own perception, since Fr. David was really pleased with my report at our last meeting…but I just feel sort of sluggish and thus continually behind in what I think I should be getting done in that area.

So basically I have a job, a toddler, a house to keep clean, a garden to weed and water, a husband to care for and love, and a new life to sustain – and that very often feels pretty overwhelming. Particularly this week. So can you please pray that God will give me the energy I need to do it? Many thanks.


Rachel said...

I will pray for you. And you deserve a pat on the back--from what I see you're doing an exceptional job at church. I've noticed that for some time now and have been very impressed, for what it's worth. :)

Linds said...

I'll be praying. One thing I found, when my arthritis got really bad (which I imagine is something like pregnancy), is that I had to literally give myself permission not to do things. Weird the mind games we play, eh? But I found that I did the really necessary stuff much better, and my disease wasn't quite as bad if I didn't force myself to function like I would without it -- and when you think about it, it's pretty ridiculous to expect your body to do everything it normally does when you're actually growing a whole new person inside you. :)