Sunday, August 20, 2006

Book recommendation for toddlers

And for parents, because it really is fun for you too. :)

Paddiwak and Cozy, by Berlie Doherty.

First we're introduced to Paddiwak -

"a prince of a cat
a hearthrob, a bit of a snob,
very smart in his neat black suit
and his little white shirt
and socks."

He's quite happy being the prince of his household, until one day Sally brings home a big blue box, and inside is another cat -

"But what a cat!
A laugh of a cat,
a fat, round kind-of-a-dumpling cat
with a black bit here and a white bit there,
floppy round the tummy
and great big paws."

Sally thinks that the cats can be friends, but Paddiwak soon disabuses her of that notion -

"Paddiwak hissed and arched his back,
fluffed up his tail, and spit-spit-spat,
ran through his cat door
out in the rain,
'I'm never, never, never going home again!' "

This refrain continues throughout the rest of the story, as the new cat tries to find hiding places throughout the house and Paddiwak sulks in various places outside.

And no, I won't tell you anymore because I want you to go read it yourself. The text is just a delight, with a rhythmic musicality that makes it almost dance off your tongue. Jonathan loves the repetition - every time we get to the "never, never, never" part he says "no! no! no!" :)

I found it at the library, and it is now on my list of "books that we ought to own".

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Amber said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I just put it on hold at the library. :-)