Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Big Backyard and Ranger Rick magazine DEAL!

Mamapedia has another awesome kids' magazine deal available, starting TOMORROW (May 16th)! This time it is a one year (10 issue) subscription to your choice of Animal Baby, Your Big Backyard, or Ranger Rick for only $10!

(There is a coupon code floating around the internet - MAY10 - which may take 10% off your order. But since I haven't tried it yet, I can't promise that it will work.)

We gave the boys a subscription to YBB and RR two Christmases ago, and they were MAJOR hits. (Jonathan and Thomas are constantly asking when they'll get another magazine, even now, months after the subscription ended.)

I've mentioned before how I like Mamapedia's 5% donation to charity on every purchase. And you get to choose the charity!

Full disclosure: if you purchase through my link, I get $10 in referral credit. But I honestly think that this is a great deal - we're buying it - and I hope that the information is useful to some of my readers!

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