Monday, May 09, 2011

Upcycled summer wear

Some time ago, a friend (I think it was Jessica?) gave me some old skirts. They weren't really wearable - they kind of screamed "I was fashionable in the 90's!" - but they were made of nice fabric and I thought I'd sew something with them.

Well. This weekend I was going through my fabric stash and got inspired. Check out the result!

For the blue one, I cut off the bottom of the skirt, and sewed the bottom trim in such a way that it ruffles just a smidge. Adds a little bit of flounce. :)

For the black/pink one, I cut off the top of the skirt and then took it in with a lot of pleats. I'm not quite as happy with this one, mostly because I wish I had the skills to add a side zipper, but it will do, and it sure looks better than it did!

I'm ridiculously pleased that investing a couple of hours and some thread just resulted in two new-to-me summer skirts!


Sara in Seattle said...

great job!

Katie K said...

Way to go Emily! Those look great. I would love to teach you how to make a wrap skirt- super easy, no zipper, and adjustable to most waistlines- win, win, win. =)