Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Geographic Little Kids DEAL!

My boys think that getting magazines in the mail is THE coolest thing EVER. We get the free Lego magazine (sign up here if you haven't already) and we've purchased subscriptions (Ranger Rick, etc.) for them as gifts in the past. They just love it.

So I was really pleased to see this deal that Mamapedia is offering TOMORROW (April 14th): a one year (6 issue) subscription to National Geographic Little Kids magazine for only $10. If you've never purchased from Mamapedia before, it gets even better: you can use the coupon code NATGEO3 to lower the price to only $7. (I've also heard that you can use MOMS5 to take $5 off the purchase price, but I can't confirm that one personally.)

(If you aren't a first-time buyer, you can use the code EASTER10 to take 10% off, making the price $9)

Something I like about Mamapedia is that every time you make a purchase through them, 5% off the price gets donated to a charity of your choice, and it is easy to choose a charity and set that up.

Full disclosure: if you purchase through my link, I get $10 in referral credit. But I honestly think that this is a great deal - we're buying it - and I hope that the information is useful to some of my readers!

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Amber said...

OK, done! And yes, the MOMS5 code worked. :-) Thanks!