Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bidding frenzy?

Currently on ebay:

$5 amazon gift card
Current bid: $10.50

$10 amazon gift card
Current bid: $31.00

$25 amazon gift card
Current bid: $53.00

$50 amazon gift card
Current bid: $102.50

I keep hearing how Americans aren't very good at math, but this seems on the outside of crazy!

(Perhaps I should start selling gift cards on ebay...!)


Katie K said...

Weird. Do these people know something we don't? I'm totally confused by this.

Matthew Green said...

Agreed. Very weird. But if you DO start selling Amazon cards and it works out, let me know...

Amber said...

Bizarre money laundering scheme? Very, very odd. Do they also charge $10 for shipping?

sarah marie said...

I don't get it -- what is going on?!? I'd echo Amber's question... some sort of money laundering going on here?

Jonathan said...

I'm sure there could be some money laundering going on, but the other thing that I'm sure contributes to this is international exchange rates.

As I understand it, if you want to shop on the US version of (or itunes, etc.) then you would need a US gift card, and you might not be able to use your UK credit card, because it would see the issue with your billing address.

So, paying a little extra for a gift card might still help someone in the UK come out just a little bit ahead. I'm not sure, I'd have to do the math, and since I don't live in the UK, I don't care to do that :-P