Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Awesome Biola

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a sweet college student from Biola. We were in the midst of bedtime, so I told Christine that I'd be happy to talk with her, but could she please call back in 20 minutes? She did so, and we ended up donating a modest amount to the Biola Scholarship Fund.

I expected a receipt for tax purposes, of course, but look what we received!

A formal letter from the Biola Alumni office (including our credit receipt), a handwritten note from Christine, and a post it note from an acquaintance who works in the office!

Gabe and I were seriously impressed. That is the way to get repeat donors! Good job, Biola - we're happy to invest in your future and that of your students.

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Jen said...

We donated a few years ago and received a similar response. In that department, their donor development is awesome. I wish that Torrey were as attentive. In the earlier years, JMNR used to write a little one-liner on the form letter, but as the program got bigger, that stopped. I think THI could learn from BU in that department.