Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What we've been doing...

My mother and sister have been talking about me behind my back. They agree that I don't blog about our doings often enough. :)

So...here's what we've been up to in the past few weeks:

Jonathan turned 6!

We had a fun, laid back party at a local park.

Fed the ducks.

Played Duck, Duck, Goose. (Yes, me too!)

I love doing park parties. They're not wildly expensive, I can throw one together in about a week, and everyone has a blast.

We're doing a lot of homeschooling. I feel like we're finally hitting our stride there (finally!) and I'm enjoying it.

We caught a caterpillar and made a house for it in a jar. Within the first hour it escaped through the air hole (???) and I found it crawling across the table! We put it back and gave it smaller escape air holes. But in the evening Jonathan was very concerned that the caterpillar would be lonely for his family. So we let him go home. :)

We're working our way through the list of thank you notes for writing and art:

Math pages every day (aw, MOM!)

And the most wonderful field trip ever; a working farm!

Jonathan even got to milk a cow!

For the last week we've been following up the field trip with related activities. We've learned about wool; all the processes that take it from the sheep to the jacket. And we made butter out of cream! (Mom, remember when we did this? I do!)

It was delicious. :)

Josiah isn't doing "school" but boy is he learning! He figured out how to use a hammer:

And loves to "make soup" outside while I'm cooking.

Thomas has his very own workbook (he loves to "do school"!) and of course, comes along on field trips. He's loving being in preschool.

That's more or less our life right now! Celebrate the special days, explore the world, and (I) try to keep on top of the laundry pile. :)


Jenn said...

Fun post!

I wasn't talking behind your back, but I'm glad you posted this. :)

sarah marie said...

I was totally talking behind your back. It was pretty mean. It went like this: "Emily hasn't posted enough on her blog lately!" I know, I'm the worst gossip ever.

Thanks for the post! Those boys are so cute. If they ask why Aunt Sarah doesn't always send birthday presents you can tell them it's because she doesn't love them. Or that she can barely remember her husband's birthday these days because she's so busy, and someday that will change and adorable hand-crafted presents will flow in their direction like milk and honey. Your choice. :)

Amber said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. I've been missing the more frequent updates and pictures too. But I also know there's a lot that has been going on!

And I remember making butter from cream in a jar like that when I was in early labor with Nathan. It was a nice way to keep Emma and Gregory occupied while I wondered if this was going to be the real thing! I wonder if that method of making butter will always remind me of that. :-)

Mom said...

Yup ... got to confess to being one that was talking behind your back. But, it was with longing, if that makes it any better! But then somehow I missed this post! Go figure. I found it today when I was showing Granddaddy your blog. Fun post!

And yes, I remember making butter with you guys! And our first fieldtrip after moving up here was to a working farm! Very fun!