Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Mom! When are you going to feed me breakfast???"

"I did feed you breakfast. You ate three waffles."

"That wasn't breakfast, that was a snack! Can I have oatmeal now?"


Amber said...

When my kids are in a ravenous phase I always like to tease them with the various hobbit meals the shire folk liked to consume every hour and a half or so throughout the day. Oh yes, you've had breakfast, but I can see you're ready for morning tea!" (or elvensies or whatever pops into my head) But I live in a Tolkien steeped household, which I suppose is odd in and of itself!

And I think three waffles sounds like a great snack. :-)

Katie Jones said...

It is so hard to keep growing boys fed. I am worried about the teenage years for sure! :)