Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just went through the boys' drawers, clearing out the remnants of winter clothing and getting out all the summer shorts. Which led me to the odd realization:

all three boys wear size 2T shorts.

That's right. All three. Ages 4, 2, and 9 months. This might help explain why they've been mistaken for triplets.


Amber said...

LOL - I know exactly what you mean. Gregory came in with a pair of shorts yesterday and I helped him put them on... then realized that Gregory's blue shorts didn't look like what I was putting on him. Turns out they are Nathan's size 18 mo shorts which got put in the wrong drawer. Gregory didn't want to give them up, so he wore them all day yesterday. With how Nathan is growing, I sometimes wonder if I could have both boys in the same size by the end of the year!

I do think that looking at them as triplets is a bit of a stretch... but people say the strangest things sometimes, don't they!

Ma Torg said...

Oh, my! That is incredible!