Friday, July 10, 2009

"Mommy, I want to learn about walruses."

Jonathan has almost entirely given up his afternoon nap. So we've been figuring out some new game plans for the afternoon while his brother is sleeping.

Today Jonathan requested that we learn about walruses. So we did! We found a fact sheet that was just right for his attention span, looked at a lot of pictures, and watched a National Geographic video of a mother walrus and her calf. These mammoth creatures are so gentle with their babies! Then we finished off the lesson with a walrus coloring page and spent quite awhile finding "just the right color" of brown. My son can be awfully specific about things. :)

Homeschooling my son is going to be such a different experience from that of my own parents. If I wanted to learn about walruses when I was a kid, we waited until we could go to the library, or we looked it up in the encyclopedia. Today, when Jonathan wants to learn about walruses, we can create our own little mini walrus unit right in the living room during nap time! We'll follow up his interest, of course, with some library books (but even that I can look up and request online!) It is a different world.

I can't resist one more walrus link: check out this one dancing with his trainer. Amazing!

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