Monday, July 27, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge - week two recap

This week was a challenge! In fact, I almost caved in and over-spent my $50 grocery budget...but I didn't!

Because I'm stubborn like that.

I had spent most of my allotted money early in the week on produce at the Farmer's Market. And then Vons came out with a whole page of really stellar coupons on things I wanted to buy! Those coupons require a $20 purchase before you can use them, however, and I only had $7.70 left to spend.

Thanks to a really great try-it-free coupon, a wacky mac pasta coupon that doubled to make it free, a purchase of ziploc bags that we needed but don't count toward the grocery budget, and a whole stack of other coupons, it worked! $6.40 in grocery money spent for juice, cereal, chicken jerky, crackers, pasta, cheese, eggs, bread, and blueberries.

I'm so pleased with myself. :)

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