Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Better known as Killer Whales and better still known as Shamu. :)

Today's learning time was spent on these incredible creatures and WOW they are beautiful and frightening!

I read some basic facts while Jonathan colored a couple of pictures: a plain coloring page, and one that notes different body parts.

Then we watched a couple of videos: the birth of a baby orca at SeaWorld, and a few minutes of swimming through the glass at an aquarium.

We also had a little lesson on the food chain and the facts of life and death. Jonathan was sad that the penguin died, so I followed it up with a talk about how in heaven, animals wouldn't ever need to kill each other in order to eat. He was quiet, but I think he was ok.

It also helped that in this one, the penguin gets away. Crazy penguin!

We finished up with an orca puzzle, and afterward Jonathan gave me a hug and said "I love you, Mom." I think he's enjoying our time together. I certainly am. It is good to have some focused time with Jonathan when I can really appreciate his four-year-old-ness!

(I decided to pay for a year's access to Enchanted learning - $20 - so that I could use their extensive resources without bothering with advertisements or too-small pictures. In the weeks that I've been doing this sort of work with Jonathan, Enchanted Learning is almost always one of my go-to sites for coloring pages and information, so I think that it will be a good investment.)


Linds said...

When he's a little more used to the idea of a food chain, show him the video of the orcas beaching themselves to hunt. It's pretty amazing, but it does involved baby seals, which is pretty sad.

Amber said...

I've been enjoying these posts about your time with Jonathan. Isn't amazing what you can find on the internet? I've thought about subscribing to Enchanted Learning, but I've never gotten around to it. We have never gotten into the habit of looking stuff up and doing quite what you're doing right now. Our crazy life is probably part of the reason!

Katrina said...

hey, you guys should visit the San Juan Islands in Washington! Absolutely beautiful, and I've seen orcas there (: