Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

Actually, some real rain might improve this day considerably, as I rather like a good rainstorm.

So far today has included:

1 towed car
3 phone calls to figure out how to get the car back
185 dollars to get our car back
2 cranky children
1 mother with a stomach bug
20 million children's books read (to said cranky children)
1 novel that the mother would like to read instead
8 errands that should have been done (but can't be, lacking said car)

All things considered, perhaps I should go back to bed now and try again tomorrow!


Jessica said...

oh my goodness! why in the world was your car towed? (and I'm so sorry, how rotten)

Amber said...

Oh dear, what a day! I hope things pick up tomorrow - I agree, today sounds like a good day for hiding under the covers. Not that Jonathan and Thomas would find that an acceptable solution for more than about 30 seconds... *grin*

The one time I got my car towed was back before cell phones and I had to walk barefoot (I was in Karate practice when it was towed - I didn't notice the special event sign on the tree 10 feet away) for about a mile down to the police station to find out how to get my car back. I was not thrilled, to say the least!

Anonymous said...

I hope your day is much better today. Hang in there!

ruth said...

Wow. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I hope you get a chance to read your book. I have had the flu, and it's been a slow recovery. However, when I was home alone in bed for a few days, I remembered back to when my kids were all little and at home and there was no such thing as a "sick day" and I was thankful just to be alone with my kleenex and water and pillows propping me up in bed so I could breathe. It is tough to shake these things when you are pregnant--once I was so sick while pregnant, I thought I was just going to cough the baby out four months early. I hope you feel better soon. Traditional Medicinals teas are helpful--I like the Herba Tussin for a cough.