Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nesting already?

I do have a track record of hitting the "nesting" phase of pregnancy far earlier than the baby actually wants to show up. But don't you think 10 weeks is a little early, even for me? ;)

For whatever reason, yesterday I felt wonderful. Well, still nauseous, but not tired. It was glorious! And seriously, it felt like nesting, because every few minutes I'd see something around the house and think "I could clean that up" or "That really needs to be organized better" or "That pile of junk needs to go" and instead of those thoughts resulting in many tears and gnashing of teeth, I just went and did it.

I didn't take any "before" pictures, because I wasn't thinking about it being a major project at the time. But it turned out so beautiful that I had to take pictures. And of course what else would I do with pictures of my beautifully organized home than put them on my blog so you can all be envious? ;)

The first area was the living room. We had angled one couch so that there was a sort of "catch-all" space behind it, and boy did it catch all. Unfortunately, because our couches are low, you could still see it all. Pretty much everything that I wished was in a closet but hadn't found space for was sitting in the corner of our living room for all the world to see. You can imagine how pretty that was.

In order to clear that space up, I also had to clear out the closet in Jonathan's bedroom. This is the closet that gets all the big stuff - the baby items we're not using (like swing, bathtub, boppy, carseat, etc.) and suitcases and sleeping bags and and and. Lots of big stuff in a small space.

The result of the two projects?

A truly stuffed, but organized closet:

And a nearly empty living room corner!

The second major area(s) were my pantries. I have two pantries - one in the cabinet under a hutch in the kitchen, and the other built into the coat closet. Both had gotten rather out of control and I was having trouble remembering what I had available, much less finding it when I wanted to cook! Now, however, I know exactly what I have and exactly where it is. I also have a list of things I need to restock. I'm looking forward to not having the frustration of being in the middle of cooking dinner, only to discover that, actually, I don't have that can of diced tomatoes after all!

Today's project is to clean up my cleaning supplies area. I know that sounds ironic, but it does seem to be awfully dirty. :)


crossfamily said...

Cleaning feels oh so good. I am motivated to do that myself but unfortunately not even your beautiful pictures are going to tempt me away from a nap while both girls are sleeping. Way to go Em!

Karen said...

Way to go. It looks so nice and really makes me feel good to have everything so organized.

Heather said...

Good for you! Everything looks really nice. Take advantage of those nesting urges -- whenever they show up! lol

Dy said...

Oh, I think that's the Second Trimester Second Wind kicking in! That's my Very Favoritest Part of Pregnancy, ever! (I know, it's supposed to be something sweet and nostalgic, like the first time you feel baby move, or the first time you hear the heartbeat. Nope. Not me, man. It's the first time I feel like I won't have to move in slow motion for the rest of my life, napping between steps! That's just pure gold, there!)

Hey, are those IKEA couches?

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Dy - second trimester already? At ten weeks? Well that would be fantastic! :) Also, yes, the couches are from IKEA. We love them!

ruth said...

GOOD JOB! Wow--I never got anything like that done while I was pregnant; not at 10 weeks, anyway. Very impressive. Enjoy it!

I am working on using up my cleaning supplies so I can use homemade ones. I often seem to use homemade ones, anyway, which is why there are so many other ones sitting around. Soon I am going to write a blog about what I use and how cheap it is.

Amanda said...

Wow, what great work! It reminds me that I have some undone organizing. Great... :)

I just wanted to let you know that I e-mailed you with the contact for Skin MD Natural. Just send Pete an e-mail, and he'll get a bottle out to you right away. Enjoy!

Dy said...

LOL - perhaps you got my missing weeks of it! It didn't kick in for me this time until the beginning of my third trimester, and it was pathetically short-lived. :-S