Friday, February 29, 2008

Nursing follow-up

Amber, you may have it right. :) Since posting yesterday, here is what has happened:

Bedtime nursing: Thomas bites me before he's hardly started. I respond with a loud "no no!" and he freaks out and wails. He refuses to nurse anymore, but goes to bed (surprisingly) without much fuss.

Early morning nursing: Thomas bites me right at the beginning. I respond "no!" and he cries and refuses to nurse. He goes back to sleep in his crib for another 30 minutes or so.

Morning nap nursing: Again, Thomas bites me before really starting (I wonder - perhaps I'm not letting down quickly enough and he's frustrated?) then cries when I say "no". He takes his nap without nursing and without fussing.

Afternoon nap: He falls asleep in the car and transfers!!

At this point, since he has missed FOUR nursing sessions in a row, I decide to try nursing him when he wakes up. He nurses happily on one side, and then cheerfully pushes me away.

Well then.

I am starting to wonder if my milk supply is just drying up. I didn't expect that, because I thought that nursing as frequently as we were would prevent losing my supply. On the other hand, maybe this is my body's way of protecting the pregnancy - at 10 weeks along I've not gained any weight, which is unusual for me. Maybe nursing and gestating is a bit too much multi-tasking?


crossfamily said...

Sounds like he is helping you decide..yeah! Your milk changes flavor when you become pregnant tooand gets more salty which alot of kids don't like (could explain the biting). Your right I think it is one of the ways God helps our bodies prepare for all the work of growing the next bambino.

Amber said...

LOL - how funny! Well, this does sound rather promising, doesn't it. Gregory started biting too around that time and I think it was because of the delayed let-down. I started warning him to be gentle before he latched on and that helped. I hope you aren't getting too uncomfortable because of all those missed nursings!