Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today is the first day this year that really feels like spring. The air is fresh and mildly warm, there is a friendly little breeze blowing, and a couple of birds are having a conversation in my backyard. It is the sort of day that makes you want to throw open all the windows and all the doors and welcome everyone and everything into your home. Except dirt. The boys tried very hard to bring the dirt in, but I decided that it was not quite so welcome.

We've been playing outside all morning - the boys have dug in the dirt and played with their ride-on trucks; I've hung laundry and swept and shaken rugs and mediated disputes about the ride-on trucks. Now Thomas is taking a nap and Jonathan is having a quiet time in his room; hence the time to blog. :)

Days like today remind me of how very much I like being a mom. I even found myself thinking "three won't be so hard!" this morning, and that is not a thought that has often crossed my mind recently. :) It is easy to lose sight of the big picture in the nauseous, exhausted fog that is early pregnancy. But even when I feel like puking, the fact is that I do like being a mom. I like playing with the boys and watching them play with each other. I like rocking Thomas to sleep and participating in Jonathan's very specific bedtime routine ("I'll kiss Mommy first, then Thomas, then Daddy.") I like giving them baths and enjoying their fearfully and wonderfully made bodies as they splash each other and giggle. I even like doing their laundry, particularly on days like today when hanging it out to dry is such a pleasure that I forget it is a chore.

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Ashley said...

It may feel like spring today, but I've heard it will feel like summer tomorrow. I have to say I'm not ready for that!