Thursday, January 03, 2008


There is so much going on in Thomas' life right now that it deserves its own post. At nearly 11 months old, he is in the midst of a major growth spurt. He stopped sleeping through the night (he's nursing two or three times, up from one or none) and he eats like a horse during the day. When I make bowls of food for him and for Jonathan, I make his twice as big and he still ends up eating off my plate!

We just moved from baths in the sink to baths in the tub. Thomas thinks that the VERY! LARGE! FAUCET! is the most exciting invention known to babies. I thought he would be scared of it, but he sits right next to it (and sometimes under it) and giggles himself silly.

The Moothart household is re-childproofing. Thomas can get into anything. If there is a space to squeeze through, Thomas will squeeze. If I move him away from something he oughtn't have, even if I give him a fun toy and sit down right next to him to play with it, he will make a beeline back to the "no-no" object. Heaven help me if I'm not paying attention for a moment - this is what will happen:

Yes, dear, you've been caught. :)

When he's not getting into trouble, though, he is the sweetest little boy you've ever met.

Just look at that face!

We thought about decorating a Christmas tree this year, but decided that decorating Thomas would be more fun. (Just kidding - we had a tree, too!)

Also in December: his first real haircut. All that darling baby softness was shorn and tucked away in his memory box. Doesn't he look older?

Thomas is becoming more and more independent, and getting oh-so-close to learning to walk. He cruises everywhere and frequently gets mad when he reaches the end of a piece of furniture and wants to keep going! One of these days I expect he'll just keep walking and forget to hold on. I'll be glad when it happens because I'm pretty sure that will be the day when he returns to his generally contented self!

He's still a little one, though, and loves his cuddles. So does his mama.


Kerry said...

Oh my goodness he sounds just like my 1 year-old! He eats sooo much, is into everything and loves being in the tub like a big boy! Too cute.

allegra said...

What a cutie! Those are great pictures. I can't believe how fast he has grown--weren't we just visiting you and he wasn't even born yet?