Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second child

Is he cute or what?

Raising a second child is fascinatingly different from raising a first born. When they are both here, life is mostly controlled chaos. One of them always needs me, and so I bounce back and forth between them, trying to gauge which one needs me more at the particular moment. Thomas being quieter by nature and simply not as old as Jonathan, he often gets ignored until he yells.

So when we're here alone (Jonathan is at Grandma's house today) it is a completely different experience. I have space to really interact with Thomas. Jonathan isn't continually asking for my attention, so I see all the little nuances of personality that are in Thomas but so often get overshadowed. I have space to enjoy the giggles, to enjoy holding him when he is tired, to play music just so that he can dance to it, to help him take those still-shaky steps holding my hands.

All the things that I used to do with Jonathan, and entirely took for granted.


Anonymous said...

Is this little guy cute, or what? :-) Thanks for the photos!


Amber said...

Yes, he is definitely a cutie! And a first tooth to boot, how exciting. :-)