Friday, January 11, 2008

In case you were wondering

No one actually reads the questions you submit to election campaigns. You know how each candidate's website has a place for you to ask questions? Well, I asked one - the same question at each of the Huckabee, McCain, and Romney websites.

The Huckabee and McCain questions were not answered. The Romney team sent me a form answer that generally talked about his position on abortion, but didn't actually answer my question. I wasn't satisfied, so I responded to the form letter, asking (again) for further clarification. Guess what came back?

The exact same form letter. Apparently their interns simply scan the mail for keywords.

Frankly, I'm disappointed. All the campaigns make such a big deal out of "listening" to the people, and they all say that they "welcome questions"...but it seems that they don't really mean it when it comes down to truly answering a real one.

I know, I know. They're politicians. What do I expect, eh?


Rebecca said...

Look at their congressional track records (if they've been in congress) and see how they've voted. It takes a little digging, but you can find out how they really feel that way.

Jonathan said...

...and if you do this, you'll find out you don't want to vote for McCain...

...I'm just saying... ;)

Linds said...

I haven't had that problem from the Obama campaign. :)

And Romney won't give anyone a straight answer about his position on abortion, so don't feel jilted. :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Thanks for visiting my WFMW post.

I have written my state senators and reps and the same thing happens there. I think they are usually willing to say what they are willing to say.