Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy (almost) Three Kings Day!

We celebrated today, since it doesn't work well to plan a family celebration for Sunday morning while you're trying to get out the door to church!

Jonathan spent the last few days talking about how the three kings were on their way to visit Jesus and bring him presents. He was very excited about getting to have presents, too!

So this morning we made Cranberry Kuchen (my family's traditional Christmas morning breakfast - we've just moved it a few weeks so it fits better into our blended family traditions!)

Then while it baked, we opened stockings. Hurray for the three kings and their gifts!

Both boys got toothbrushes (another Palmer family tradition) even though Thomas doesn't have any teeth quite yet. It has to happen sometime, right? And he enjoyed chewing on it just the same.

Mommy put a bit too much tape on a few of the packages, requiring intense concentration to open them!

Thomas, surveying his new possessions.

Then we all enjoyed breakfast!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, traditions are such wonderful things. Nice job blending the traditions of two families. Fun!

Love you,