Thursday, January 03, 2008

Preschool Time

I mentioned awhile ago that I was starting to try to work preschool time with Jonathan into our days. Well, it is going beautifully! He looks forward to it and often asks if we can do x, y, or z "during preschool time?" Yesterday we threaded beads and noodles on a cord, and Jonathan surprised me by how very good at it he was. That boy has very good fine motor skills, and he loves to work with his hands. Gabe and I are thinking, even now, that we're going to have to make an effort to find opportunities for him to work with his hands as he gets older. A sit-and-do-workbook-pages child he is not!

During Christmas vacation we didn't have our regular preschool time, but Jonathan had some wonderful opportunities to work on projects with his Daddy. Isn't this a wonderful picture? Isn't this a wonderful Daddy? :)

And oh, isn't this a fantastic result? That catch-all, ugly, messy space under the counter overhang is now organized and beautiful!

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