Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well THAT is different!

Thomas has shown himself quite ready to make the switch from milk to solid food. I think he'd prefer to just eat instead of nurse (except at night, that is - he's decided that night time is a great time to make use of the snack bar!) One result of this new development is that he has started refusing to nurse to sleep for naps.

Now, when Jonathan starting refusing nursing, it was a nightmare. Suddenly my never fail go-to-sleep trick no longer worked. And so he cried, and I rocked him and sang and eventually laid him in his crib out of desperation, where he continued to cry. So I greeted Thomas' nursing refusal with my own tears. And I tried rocking him, and singing to him, and bouncing him, and it all just seemed to make him mad. So I re-wrapped him in his swaddle and laid him in his bed and walked away, expecting to listen to him cry himself out.


Five minutes later I went to check on him. He's sound asleep.

My children's differences never cease to amaze me.


Sylvia said...

Oh, yes! With Sharon, I had to sit by her bed and tell her to keep her eyes closed (when she was 3 or 4) until she went to sleep. With Nathanael, things would get quiet, and I'd go look and he'd be asleep just wherever he'd placed his head...

And if you have a third, he or she will be different, too. Isn't God amazing!

Ashley said...

Yay for Thomas. I love it when the second one is easier than the first!