Monday, July 23, 2007

Things Jonathan can do (and is doing – over and over and over again!)

Sing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” and “Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus” (yes, the entire first verse!) Granted that his singing doesn't actually have notes to it yet...but it does have the beginnings of inflection. His latest, actually, is singing "Happy Birthday TO you, happy birthday TO you, happy birthday TO you..." oh, and now that I think about it, he also sings "Thomas Thomas bo-bamas banana-fama-fo-famas me-my-mo-mamas...Thomas!" with higher inflection at the end, as well. So I think he's starting to get the idea, at least!

Make pretend food out of everything – sticks, leaves, rocks, toys, you name it! It is then served to us with much excitement and we are required to taste whatever he has created. A few days ago I was served “chocolate”: a mixture of leaves and dirt in a tupperware bowl. Well, it was brown!

Clean up after himself. We’ve been working on this one with specific toys such as playdough, and he’s getting very good at it. A few days ago he cleaned up his own playdough and put it away without being asked when he was finished. Hurrah!

Play with words. Yesterday Gabe said something about being a grown-up. Jonathan responded “You’re not a grown up, you’re just throwing up!” and then giggled himself silly.

And last but not least: he thinks that the proper answer to any question that begins with “Jonathan, why did you do X?” should be answered with “because I love you!”

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