Thursday, July 05, 2007

5 months (almost!)

Thomas will be five months old in a few more days. Sometimes I look at him and wonder how on earth he got so big so fast! Some of the things he's doing now:

Chewing on everything. If he can get it in his mouth, he will. If it is in his mouth, he chews on it. If he can't get it into his mouth, he's very sad. :) I think his teeth are moving around as well, as he's more fussy than usual now and if I put my finger in his mouth he bites hard!

Having conversations. He's getting very good at "conversational cooing". He'll do this with Gabe and me, or with Jonathan, and the other day he had quite a conversation with an orange stuffed elephant!

Sitting up (with help). I let him sit in the laundry basket - if I put him in there with a pillow and some toys, he'll enjoy himself for quite a long time. The basket sides are just enough to help him recover his balance when he starts to fall over. It is good practice for him! (This isn't the laundry basket, but you get the idea.)

He is starting to find his thumb, and really enjoys it when he does. I remember Jonathan having a thumb-sucking phase as well, but it didn't last long. I wonder if Thomas will make it a habit or not?

Thomas has two lovely smiles. One is with his mouth closed and the smile goes straight across in a line. He looks very pleased with himself. So far I haven't been able to capture that one in a photo, although I keep trying! The other is his wide open grin that he uses when he's laughing or really happy about something. Thomas smiles so frequently, and it is such a joy to see!


allegra said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Thomas looks so happy and content.

Amber said...

What great pictures, and what a cutie! I love that grin of his. He's growing so fast, isn't he!

Ashley said...

So cute! I love the picture of him on the couch. Make sure you catch a picture of him in the laundry basket. That will make for a great remeinder later on when you have so many kids you can't possibly remember a thing :)