Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pesto - yummy!

My brother-in-law gave me a set of four Chia herbs for my birthday a few months ago. Sadly, three of them died a slow and moldy death. Before the fourth could collapse in agony as well, I made a last ditch effort to save it and re-planted it in a pot of dirt outside.

Who knew. Plants like dirt. I'm hazarding a guess that they don't like chia "sponges" so much.

In any case, my basil plant has thrived. I should have taken a picture of it before I cut it back - it was huge!

So tonight's dinner was based on the fact that I had over 3 cups of basil leaves begging to be cooked. As usual, Allrecipes came to the rescue with this delightful recipe. So easy - just throw everything in a food processor and blend until smooth! Not expensive - homegrown basil, and walnuts instead of uber-pricey pine nuts! And it tastes just right.

Also featured in the above photo: amazing salad with homegrown tomatoes!


Sarah Marie said...

Whoah, this is crazy! I had homeade pesto on whole wheat pasta last night, along with a salad that looked remarkably similar to yours! (Avocado...mmm.)

I don't have a space to grow herbs outside, so my attempts at potted basil on my kitchen windowsill end up being short-lived. :( But I did make a big batch of pesto a few months ago, and I froze it in small containers. It's so easy - I can just take out a container and defrost the small amount I need for a meal! Delicious.

allegra said...

I've had really good luck growing both basil and oregano indoors (in dirt), but I've been a big failure with chives (I like to blame the seeds). You have to be an extra-reliable plant parent and remember to open the shades first thing in the morning and to water more regularly, almost every day.