Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In pictures...

"It's lunch, Mom."

Thomas can sit up reasonably consistently now. He is really enjoying this new ability!

What's this new food, Mom?

More, give me more!!!


Libby said...

Aww, those boys are so precious.

Rebecca said...

huh... i tried three different browsers and couldn't see any of the photos.

Jonathan said...

I can't see them either, and I'm using the same computer with the same browser that Libby was using (I assume).

I don't think they're there.

Dy said...

Emily, they are such beautiful children. What joy!

Enjoy them and savor them, and kiss those wee little noses and toes and tiny little heads. Oh, so sweet.


Ashley said...

I'm glad to pictures are back up. Those first two are great.