Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This morning

This morning I got up after a very late and restless night with Thomas, exhausted.

This morning my right arm, where I got a tetanus booster last week, hurt so much that I called the doctor to make sure it was normal.

This morning I discovered that I had left the outdoor hose running (but the nozzle closed). The hose ruptured. Water water everywhere, and a ruined hose.

This morning I also discovered that we have a leak under the kitchen sink. Not the old leak that we knew about (the bucket to catch that one is dry) but a new one that has soaked the entire cabinet. The particleboard is sopping and swollen, and there is mold everywhere. I'm doubtful that the cabinet can be saved, and if it can't, what then?

This morning I sat down on the floor and put my head in my hands, asking God to give me grace to keep going through a difficult day.

This morning Jonathan looked at me carefully and asked with great compassion, "Mommy, do you need a hug?" And then wrapped his arms around me.

This morning may not be so bad, after all.


Amy Jane said...

Isn't God so good in his timing?

Hope your day picked up a bit after that. Check out my "post" for today, and it may be encouraging to you to ;)

Barb said...

Hi Emily,

Hope your day picks up. I won your giveaway and you have left two messages on my blog for me to e-mail you if I want the giveway. I have e-mailed you both times. I don't know if they are going in your junk folder or what, but if you don't get the latest one, please e-mail me at this address.

Thank you,
Barb J.

Laane said...

How a bad day can be good.

And the most important was.... the hug!!