Sunday, June 03, 2007

Set back

We've experience a set back in the potty training saga. You see, my toddler's plumbing stopped working properly on Thursday night. And after multiple trips to the potty to "just try" that ended about five seconds after he sat down, in tears, I wasn't sure what to do. Until he refused to sit on the potty AT ALL and peed all over the floor instead.

We went back to diapers. Just for the morning. I thought.

Unfortunately, getting the plumbing working again was rather a painful experience for the poor child. And after that he outright refused to wear anything but diapers again - for two whole days. He quite articulate about it. "Mommy, I don't want to wear underwear. I don't want to poop or pee in the potty. I'd rather wear a diaper."

Not kidding. That's what he said. And even chocolate chips weren't enough to change his mind. So we backed off. He still hates diaper changes, so each time we'd ask him if he'd rather wear underwear, but when he chose a diaper we simply put a diaper on.

Thankfully, this morning the promise of chocolate chips enticed him into trying again. And so far we've had a bit of success. Gabe took him to church this morning in underwear again. Here's hoping that we get back on track!

Oh, and as an aside: my second son is pretty sick right now (hence my being home instead of at church this morning). He has a runny nose and a fever and last night threw up an entire feeding. He's pretty miserable. Prayers that he'd feel better soon (and that the rest of us won't get it!) would be appreciated.

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