Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Return of the diapers

Potty training has been officially discontinued as of today. We stopped making real progress a few weeks ago and Gabe and I have felt like we were sort of just treading water, trying to hold onto the initial progress without slipping backwards...and it wasn't really working. Then the last few days Jonathan has completely rebelled against the idea. Sitting on the potty isn't fun any more (not even with the promise of chocolate chips!) - it is a fight just to get him to try. This morning I did require him to sit down and try, and after a few minutes of him screaming and me mandating that he sit, I gave up and let him go. Less than five minutes later - an accident all over the couch.

So. This isn't a fight I care to have. And it isn't a fight that I can win. Therefore we're going to have a planned retreat and try again in a few months.

He's only two. He's little. He'll get it someday.


Jessica said...

aw, Emily, I'm sorry. Has his hate for diapers disappeared too?

Kelly said...

We had to do the same thing with Lucy. And she is potty trained now! I think it is harder with the first kid.

Amber said...

Well, that's too bad. It is definitely good to give it a break when things get to that point though. He is really little still and I'm sure if you pick it up again in a couple more months it will probably go just fine. Sometimes the wisest course is to just step back for awhile rather than trying to force something!

Jennifer F. said...

Oooh, wow.

I am still in the "talking about potty training" phase, which I'd hoped would have moved on to "actually potty training" by now but we're not there yet. :(

I just asked for advice about this on my blog. I'd love to hear your input, and you may enjoy reading what the other moms have to say.