Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I KNEW he was a good husband...

Your husband is most like Mr. Knightley of Emma! He probably gives you kind lectures to help you in certain matters, though he does these out of true devotion and in your best interests. Others look to him for his wisdom and good sense. He is generous and steadfast, though not afraid to politely argue with you. The two of you enjoy a challenging, sweet partnership and are most likely very active in your community.

Who is Your Jane Austen Husband?
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Hat tip to Dy at Classic Adventures for this one. Thanks, Dy!


Amy Jane said...

I got a cross between Col. Branden and Edward Ferrars. Which I liked b/c that's the only Austen I've read ;o)

Actually, I recently told my husband, as much as I enjoy verbal sparing (is Darcy this way?) and engage in it sometimes, it's good I didn't marry someone competitive like that.

I think my (currently healthy) self-confidence would be very shaky. I think I'd be a near-timid little puddle. Can you imagine!

--Well, maybe not you, but anyone who knows me in real life wouldn't believe that.

If I wasn't timid, I know I'd certainly be less-gentle than I am now. I know I've softened through my years with Jay.

It's hard (exhausting!) to live with someone you know will engage you at any time (think siblings or the original Pink Panther).

Amy Jane said...

A fun exercise in gratitude is a list list like this about "What I love about my husband."

lasselanta said...

I knew there was a reason I liked Tilney. :-D

Linds said...

Nate was happy to get Tilney, too.