Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Laundry mathematics



and results in a rather unhappy mommy. It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that that particular diaper load also had my favorite blue onesie in it, and the nice blue changing pad cover, as well as Gabe's white dress shirt.

Please don't ask how the brown rug got into the all-white-hot-wash load.

Because while I'd like to be able to explain that Jonathan dragged the stool over to the washer, grabbed the rug, climbed up, and dumped it in all by himself ... so of course I couldn't be expected to know about it, now could I?... it just might not be true.

In fact, while I'm pretty sure that I'm the guilty party, I have absolutely no idea how I did it.


daughterofhonor said...

Hey, Em,
Have you tried the Rit dye remover made especially for laundry accidents like that?
It might be worth it, especially for Gabe's shirt.

slowlane said...

I frequently start a load and think "Oh, I can throw this one thing in and make the load 'mixed-cold' rather than 'mixed-warm'" and then I forget that I threw that one thing and later think "I can throw that one thing in and make it 'light-warm'". Not the best thing for my laundry.