Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thomas at (nearly) 4 months

Thomas loves to listen to me sing. It doesn't matter if it is a song or just some made up humming or nonsense words, he'll listen and smile for quite a long time.

He's getting better at holding things. He has a black and white plastic ring that he likes to hold and try to chew, and he's just starting to try to reach for things. But he can't always figure out how to open his hand yet, so mostly he'll just bat at them. His favorite toy is still his own hand - he's very good at getting that into his mouth!

Still no luck with pacifiers. Jonathan never liked them, either, so maybe Gabe or I contributed a "no pacifier" gene. :) I keep trying, because Thomas REALLY likes to suck, and right now he sucks on our fingers. All. the. time.

Thomas is a very quiet child. I remember Jonathan being more "talkative" at this age - more cooing and grunting and definitely more crying. And while Thomas can certainly cry when he wants to, he very rarely coos. I rather wish he'd coo at me more, because it is really sweet when he does. But I think most of the time he just prefers to observe the world rather than talk about it.

He's starting to need more defined naps, but unfortunately never seems to get them. Thomas, dear one, I'm sorry you're not a firstborn. And I'm glad you're such a laid back little man.

His smile - oh my heart.

One more thing: you would not believe how fast his toenails grow.

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