Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update on Mom

Some good news! Mom is now sitting up (completely assisted, of course) for 2 hours each day. This is really great progress since a few days ago 30 minutes exhausted her. She is mouthing words and phrases more consistently, shaking her head ever so slightly for "yes" and "no", and as of yesterday has started to smile just slightly. These are all such encouraging signs. :)

It is also looking promising that she may be able to move to a rehabilitation center in the next few weeks. And there is a really good center only 45 minutes away from my family's home. Praise God for the nearness of good medical facilities!!

Please pray particularly that Mom will regain the use of her arms/hands and legs/toes. She did initially have some control over them, but since the third surgery she hasn't been able to move them at all. Please pray that the "cure" didn't make things worse, and that she will heal completely.

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