Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Other fun things Jonathan is doing...

He says "my turn" when he wants to use something Gabe or I are using. It gets confusing, though, because he isn't sure when to use "my turn" and when to use "your turn". And I don't know how to explain it to him, because if he wants to use it and says "my turn", then I say "ok, your turn!" But then he things that "your" is what to use for himself, and he says "my turn" when he wants ME to do something. He's not consistent at all, which makes figuring out what he means this particular time a bit tricky. Still, you can hardly blame him. The English language is insanely confusing sometimes.

He has a favorite blanket now - one that my Grandmommy (his Great-Grandmommy) knit for him. It is a lovely soft yellow blanket, nice and large and comfy. He calls it his "mee-mee" (we have no idea why) and doesn't want to go to sleep without it nestled under his chin.

One of my kitchen cupboards is his new favorite place to play. I've cleared it out so only a few Jonathan-approved items are in it, and he climbs all the way inside and plays peek-a-boo with me while I clean the kitchen or make meals.

He also really enjoys stickers. Every day he gets to pick two stickers off the sheet, and he makes his choices very carefully. Today one went onto his shirt and the second went on his nose.


Libby said...

My nephew is so cute! In the sticker picture I think he looks like baby-Gabe pictures that I've seen.

Dy said...

Emily, he's so beautiful and sweet! Don't you want to just plunk down on the floor and play cabinet-peek-a-boo all stinking day long? Ohhh, he's cute!

The pronoun thing is hard. The boys get a kick out of Smidge, who uses "us" rather than "our". They want so badly to correct him, but I forbid it. It's too cute, and it's going to be gone too quickly. I remind them that we just continue to model the appropriate use and he'll eventually get it. In the meantime, let him (and Mama!) enjoy "us new floor" and "yous bed" - it makes my heart warm.