Friday, November 03, 2006

Golden moments

On Wednesday, I took Jonathan for a walk to the park. But I forgot his shoes. So instead of playing on the play equipment, we stayed at the other end of the park, took off our socks, and played in the grass with bare feet. Jonathan was initially disappointed that he couldn't go play in the wood chips, but he was quickly consoled by the fun things we could do with bare feet. Like walking through crinkly crunchy leaves. There was a huge tree that had lost about half of its leaves, and it was just glorious to run through them. I showed Jonathan how to twirl in circles and then look up at the sky, and he thought it was wonderful. So did I, watching him laugh with delight. We played chase - he on his feet and me on my knees (just to be fair, you know!) Only he enjoyed being caught so much that he'd only run away from me a few steps before turning and running right into my arms for a hug and a tickle. And after all that I showed him how to let me hold his arms so that I could pick him up off his feet and spin him through the air or swing him through my legs. We didn't do that TOO much, though, because Mommy got seriously worn out!

It was just one of those perfect afternoons that makes you realize afresh just how very much you love being a mother. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and fresh, Jonathan was happy and laughing, and I was able to relax and just enjoy it. We spent nearly two hours there before coming home.

I think perhaps times like this are one of God's special graces to mothers.

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