Monday, September 18, 2006

The problem in the Episcopal church

Well, ok, one of many. :)

Fr. David was telling me about a conversation he had with another priest about our church’s choice to use the Episcopal youth curriculum “Journey to Adulthood”.

Fr. D: “We’ll be using J2A, but leaving out all the parts on sexuality.”
Other priest: “Oh, why?”
Fr. D: “Because it doesn’t teach chastity.”
Other priest: “Really? I was sure chastity was one of the options!”

It is amazing to me how someone can so wholly miss the point. Chastity as “one of the options”?!?!?!?! We claim to be Christ’s church; we say we are called to holiness for crying out loud…but I guess it is just too much to expect our teens to even consider chastity as more than “one of the options” available to them.


sara said...


Hello there...You may not remember me, I am a friend of Katrina Groth. I made a sling for you a while back. I randomly found your blog while googling Sue Gill. Too funny! How exciting that you're expecting again. Did you have a home birth with your first?

We are expecting or third now and I'm searching for a new midwife.

Hope you are well!


Kassie said...

Ya, so you know what college kids do when they're bored? they google people. It just happens. So a while back I googled you because I wanted to know how you were doing and I didn't know how else to find you. So now I found you and I'm happy. So how are you doing? Well, in case you didn't know, I'm in college now, yep, music ed major, does that surprise you? I just created a blog to track all of my crazy college experiences.

I hope to hear from you and I hope you're doing well!


Emily said...

Sara, of course I remember you! I've kept your cards around and hand out your name to all the new moms I know who want slings. :)

I'm definitely excited about this new kiddo. :) No, I had a hospital birth with my first child - he ended up being a c-section and I'm hoping that I'll have a better chance of a VBAC if I'm at home. Sue is really wonderful and is taking such good care of me - I think it will be a really good experience. Well, as good as labor can ever be, you know! :)

Congratulations on your own new pregnancy! That is wonderful!

Emily said...

Kassie, it is good to hear from you. Which college are you attending?

Dy said...

You know, Zorak has mentioned more than once that had someone, anyone, pointed out during his adolescence (preferably before) that chastity wasn't such a bad gig, it might have made a world of difference. Many children don't even realize it's an option at all, and when the adults in their lives don't even take a stand and say, "It's not only okay to wait, it's the BEST way to do it," well, that doesn't leave them with much to go on, does it? It's sad, really.

Has anyone in your church thought about writing a curriculum for that portion of the youth studies? (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)


Emily said...

Yes, actually we're planning to do that. Fr. David already has something he calls "Birds, Bees, and the Bible" that he does every few years for the 10-13 year old crowd, and he's thinking of expanding that for our highschoolers as well. BB&B is REALLY good, so I have high hopes for that working out well.

Kassie said...

Well I'm at Baylor University all the way in Waco, TX. You might be a little confused by that because last you probably heard I was staying in California, going to Azusa. Well God had other things in mind so I'm out here in the Texas heat. Randi Kay's out here too, we're havin a good time.

I'm having such a great time in college, God has been teaching me so many awesome and amazing things here. And the music dep. is amazing, Baylor has a 250 member marching band and I love it!

So what have you been up to besides expecting another little bundle of joy and being a mommy?