Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The bathroom remodel

The bathroom is something I've been wanting to re-do since, oh, the day we moved in. :) The previous owners had painted it yellow...which wouldn't have been so bad except that, well, it just was bad. Too bright a color for too small a space, I think. You walked in and went "whoa, YELLOW!" So last October (yes, you read that right) I did my research, chose my colors, and bought paint and a brand new lovely shower curtain. All of which sat in a corner in the bedroom for the next many, many months.

I am slightly ecstatic to report that our bathroom is no longer YELLOW! :)

One thing the previous owners did was to paint semi-gloss over semi-gloss...with no prep. The result was peeling paint. Lovely. As soon as we tried to sand anything, we'd end up with sheets of paint in our hands.

They also (evidently) super-glued the towel racks to the walls as well as screwing them on. So when we removed them, a good chunk of drywall came too. Christopher patched them up as best he could, and the results actually look pretty good, considering what happened!

Gabe's mom helped paint, and gave me a break from the paint fumes. :)

And...the result! It actually isn't coming out well in the photos on blogger, but the color is now a very pretty, very light blue. I believe it is called "blue rain" and it really does give that impression. I love it.

Also please note our brand new and beautiful towel ring, etc. which match the sink faucet, and the lovely shower curtain (with nary a smidge of yellow in it. :)


Anonymous said...

I just got that same towel ring. Isn't it grand?

- Kristen

kelly t said...

Your remodeling jobs look great!

Amber said...

Wow, that yellow was way too much for that small bathroom! I think the blue is very nice. You all did a great job, thanks for sharing the pictures! Matt and I enjoyed the ones you emailed out too. It is amazing how long these sorts of projects take, isn't it - even with a bunch of people working on it.

Terri B. said...

I like the blue. Very nice. Emily, I linked to you from The Amazing Shrinking Mom. I'm Terri B. and after looking at your blog I find that we are neighbors! I live in Fullerton.

Dy said...

Oh, it looks great! We have that towel ring, too! Cool.

The pictures are great. In three years or so, the project will be a faded memory and you'll be ever so glad you took those shots.

You're looking great- very smiley and obviously glad you no longer have the Yellow Submarine Bathroom. Congrats on a job well-done.