Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And we have a....


So says the ultrasound technician, and really, it was pretty obvious. :)

I wasn't really sure that I wanted to know in advance...it was sort of fun to wonder all during my pregnancy with Jonathan. But now that I know, I think I'm glad that I do. Because this time, instead of wondering, I get to spend the next four months thinking about and talking to Thomas Nathaniel.* I'm enjoying that.

*Nathaniel? Nathanael? I don't know if we've decided on a spelling yet. What do you all think?


slowlane said...

My little nephew (born this last Sunday!) is Nathanael. Partly because my brother found more Nathanaels that he liked than Nathaniels and partly because Brazilians spell it Nathanael.

Amber said...

Wow, a boy! And here I was, thinking you two were going to have a girl. :-)

I wonder if we'll try and find out next time or not. It is a rather difficult decision, isn't it!

Oh, and I vote for Nathaniel. I didn't even know it could be spelled with an "ael".

Dy said...

OH JOY!! There is something deep and wonderful about brothers - their inside jokes and fierce loyalty in the face of opposition; their puppy-like frolicking and full-on adventures; the love they shower on their mothers, and the awe they have for Daddy. Brothers can lift one another to higher standards and more noble goals than any other mere mortal could hope to sway a young man. Your sweet little boy will soon have a best friend, confidant and co-conspirator the likes of which he cannot even fathom right now, and growing up in your loving home, they are going to have a splendid life. There's just something special and delightful about raising little boys.

Congratulations, you guys. :-)