Sunday, September 24, 2006

And a good time was had by all... :)

Every Sunday evening Jessica and becca and I (and sometimes Lindsay, when she's in town) get together to be "intentionally friends". We were all friends in college and decided we wanted to stay friends afterward. :) They're amazing girls. (Women? I guess we're women, now.) :)

Anyway, Jonathan and Brigid (daughter to Jessica) are both toddlers now, and all of a sudden they get along famously. Jonathan is old enough to be interactive, and Brigid has been a big sister long enough to know how to be gentle and a good playmate. The result is that us grown-ups actually get to just let the kiddos play while we have good old fashioned conversation. It is lovely. :)

I'm glad that the four of us decided to stay friends. It takes work sometimes because we're not all in the same "stage" of life, and because we get tired and stressed and don't always want to get together on Sunday for dinner. But even when I'm tired and wish that I could just be by myself that evening, I'm always so very glad that we got together anyway. Friendship, real friends who love you all the time no matter what, is something worth keeping.

Becca and Jess and Lindsay, I'm glad we're friends.

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