Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Labor Day Remodel pictures

We decided that the time had come to tackle some of our "wouldn't it be nice if we did..." house projects this past Labor Day. Not wanting to actually do the work ourselves, we flew my 16 year old brother down to do it for us. ;) Not really, but we certainly did need his energy, expertise, and extra pair of hands! We tackled three rooms, which in retrospect was a bit much...but we're getting there and two of the rooms now look gorgeous!

A few "before and after" pictures: (ok, not a few - these will take some time to load!)

This is the kitchen floor which we replaced. You can't tell in this picture, but there were cracks between each board that caught all kinds of gross stuff, and the people who put in the flooring didn't bother to put it in under the fridge or stove - it was really pretty nasty.

Tearing it out - almost as much fun as taking a sledgehammer to a wall (so says Phillip).

Flooring from the seventies. Wow.

Gabe's family came down to help, too.

And the result!

Doesn't it look lovely? It is SO easy to clean, too.

Next: pictures of the bathroom. :)


Amber said...

Wow, that looks great! What an improvement. That old flooring from the 70's was really hideous. What were people thinking back then??

Dy said...

Ohhhh, it's beautiful! So, can y'all come down, say, in October to do ours? <:-)

Great job, but what was the third project?


Emily said...

The third project is the second bedroom (currently Jonathan's room and Gabe's study). We're painting it and adding a really cute train border to make it look like a kid's room instead of the "catch-all" room that it had become.

Unfortunately, this project has fallen victim to our bout with the stomach flu, since last weekend Gabe had it and the weekend before Jonathan and I had it. We're hoping we can get it closer to being done, um, soon. :)