Saturday, September 17, 2005

Update on the accident

This time it is just good news. :)

The other insurance company is accepting 100% liability. This is wonderful, wonderful news, since it makes my life twenty-five million times easier. They are paying for our car to be fixed (i.e. we don't have to pay our deductible!) and for a rental car, and on top of that they're sending us a check to cover "doctor's visits if you need them, otherwise it's just for your inconvenience." I'm not complaining! ;)

I did go to the doctor on Thursday (met our new doctor - he's quite nice) and had my suspicions confirmed that yes, indeed, the neck pain was minor and I shouldn't have any further trouble from the accident.

And can I just say again that I am SO glad that Jonathan and Brigid were not in the car, even if the accident was "minor."


Libby said...

Glad things turned out ok!

Amber said...

Oh, what good news! I'm so glad to hear that everything looks like it is turning out ok after the accident. Thanks for the update.