Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Last night was Jonathan's first rain storm, and what a storm! Lightening, thunder, pouring rain (for awhile, at least!) The thunder was a little scary for him - he jumped whenever there was a particularly loud clap - but Gabe and I were so pleased about the storm that I think he decided it must be ok. We took him outside with a towel around him and danced and twirled in circles.

I love the rain, and I hope that Jonathan grows to love it too. Some of my absolutely best memories of being a kid are of being outside in the rain, sailing boats in the ditch - and coming inside for hot chocolate or "grog" (chicken broth).

For that matter, some of my best memories of being a teenager are of the rain, too. Like the time that Jenn, Laura, and I had spent the whole day at the kitchen table, working on physics homework, and after dinner it started raining. We were all a bit crazy from too much physics, and we ran outside in our bare feet and raced around the neighborhood, splashing in puddles and getting completely soaked.

Someday I want to live in a place where it rains more often. :)


Sarah said...

come on out to Massachusetts, baby. you'll get more rain than you bargained for! it's great. lots of dead worms lying around on the campus sidewalks, too... but other than that it's great. i love rain a lot.

Sarah said...

blizzards are always fun, too. last year we had a humongous blizzard and Mass declared a state-wide emergency. And the year before that, we had so much snow classes were cancelled for a few days, and when you walked on the paths on the sidewalks, the snow on the sides came up higher than your head, so you couldn't see people walking around unless they were particularly tall. it's really fun.

anyway, cold-weather clothes are so cute and classy, don't you think? pea coats, sweaters with collared shirts, hats and gloves... it's fun.

Laura said...

I am glad that you remember that physics night fondly! I do to. I think it was the best study session in highschool, and one of the best memories too..

Amber said...

We are having some lightning and thunder right now and it is sooo cool! :-) It isn't raining much though, but we are having occasional big rain drops.

Matt, Emma and I are all looking forward to the start of the rainy season. We've been remarking frequently that we're ready for the rain again!

Lightning storms always remind me of watching them with my mom when I was about three and still living down in Southern CA. My dad worked the night shift at Disneyland so we would curl up together in a blanket and ooh and ahh over all the beautiful lightning together.

Sarah - I definitely agree with you on the winter clothes thing!

Linds said...

One of my favorite memories from Biola is running about like a banshee in a thunderstorm my freshman year. We were hosting two prospies from Fresno, and Nate and I decided to show them a good time by making them run to Common Grounds barefoot and make as big a splash as possible in every puddle we passed on the way. And neither of them ended up coming to Biola... can't imagine why.

It was also fun watching all the native socal folks cower from the (quite mild) thunder. I felt like a worshipper of Thor or something.