Saturday, September 17, 2005


Yesterday morning I gave Jonathan some peaches for breakfast. He'd "tasted" my peach before (sucking on it a bit) but this was the first time I'd actually fed him a quantifiable amount.

In the hour or so afterward, he was quite fussy...but he's been intermitantly fussy often lately, so I just put him in the stroller and off we went. He calmed down, but about an hour and fifteen minutes after breakfast he suddenly wailed (and I mean wailed!) I ran around to look at him, and his face was all red and blotchy and his eyes looked sort of swollen. It was really scary, because I was 30 minutes away from home at this point, and I didn't know what I should do. He calmed down really quickly, though, and fifteen minutes later his face looked normal again.

So now I'm not sure what to think. Peaches were the only thing I can think to pin it on...but it would be kind of weird to be allergic to peaches, wouldn't it? I mean, that's one of the most basic "starter" foods for babies. Also, why would it take 75 minutes to show up as a rash? I thought an allergic reaction would be more immediate.

In any case, I think I've decided to just wait on the solid foods for awhile yet. I don't really think he needs them, even if he does think he wants them. Plus I want him to keep nursing, and since he's already starting to act uninterested, I doubt that solids right now are a great idea. I don't want him to decide that all he wants are solids!

Comments, thoughts, etc. would be appreciated, particularly if you've successfully fed a baby. :)

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Amber said...

My guess is that it isn't a full blown allergy but rather just a sensitivity, which could very much be because of his age. A sensitivity to something can take longer to show itself, and can even just show up a day or two later as diaper rash and/or loose stool, so it can be lots of fun trying to narrow it down!

I think your decision to hold off is a good one - like you said, he really doesn't need them at all, it is more just a new experience rather than something that really provides much sustenance. You might want to try a little bit of peach again in another month or two and see what happens - quite likely his system will have developed a little more and will probably be just fine with it.

Babies can be such little mysteries, can't they! :-)