Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If only every day could be like this...

Jonathan and I get up. He's happy and smiling and fun to be around, which makes getting up much more pleasant. We go outside to enjoy the fresh air and sprinkles left over from last night's storm.

I put him in the swing in the kitchen with me and make breakfast. Hot chocolate and muffins, because it's the first rain of the year. Hurray!

Jonathan and I play on the floor. He "reads" his books (upside down) and I read to him. We play with rattles and practice sitting up and rolling over.

It's ten minutes early for his feeding, but he's fussy, so I think its time for his breakfast. I put in a Star Trek episode and treat myself to some "brain candy" while nursing him.

Jonathan is finished nursing and wants to be burped. I put him on my shoulder and pat his back. Amazingly, after he burps he is content to stay there with his thumb in his mouth.

I think that he may have fallen asleep on my shoulder, so I transfer him to his crib. Oops, wide open eyes. I hand him his blanket and run away, hoping he'll find his thumb. I know he's sleepy, and it is time for his nap anyway.

Jonathan is asleep. I can't believe how easy that was. Cuddles, then into his crib "drowsy, but awake" like all the doctors and books say.

Wouldn't it be nice if it could be like that every time? :)

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Sarah said...

aw... that's great Em. Maybe this is the beginning of a new trend. :) You can always hope.

I can't really relate to life with a baby, but I do have a roommate. Sometimes I have to burp her. Well, okay, just kidding. I don't. So I probably can't relate at all. But I do get burned out with school, anyway.